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Review: Strictly surprised by Tango Moderno

A couple of weeks ago, when we were first invited to Tango Moderno, I thought “that sounds interesting”, and promptly forgot about it.

Fast forward to tonight, and the alarm on my calendar reminding me that we had to be at the theatre by 7:00 pm to see it prompting a mad dash to eat & get ready, and it’s fair to say I had zero idea of what to expect, or even who was in it! We just had time to get to our seats and glance at the front of the programme before the lights went down and the spots came up.

Instantly, we were transported, and our journey took us through homes, bars, parties, and even a train station, as the music, performed outstandingly by Tom Parsons and Rebecca Lisewski, took turns through Bruno Mars, McFly, Ed Sheeran, Michael Buble, and Michael Ball, with stops in classical tangos and breathtaking violin solos from Oliver Lewis .

The principals, Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace of Strictly Come Dancing fame, spun their way around the stage, acting as cupids in a tale of modern-day love with narration from Tom Parsons giving us insights and more than a few laughs. Our couples stories took almost as many twists & turns as their seemingly endless limbs, with some unexpected twists!

I can genuinely say I have never seen lighting and set changes put to such effective use, truly taking the action from place to place, and combining with the performances to make for goosebump-inducing moments throughout. Simone & Cacace are spellbinding, and perfectly in sync, and the music complimenting them and the other dancers beautifully. Parsons’ haunting rendition of 7 Years accompanied by the male dancers and Lisewski’s 3 Handed Woman were our highlights, along with Simone & Cacace’s Argentine Tango finale.

Our mad dash to make the show was most certainly worth the effort!

You can see Tango Moderno at a matinee and evening performance on Saturday 10th March at The Regent Theatre, Hanley. Tickets can be booked by visiting the theatre’s website on

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