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Wool @J13 calls hatmakers to showcase their wares

A new exhibition at Wool @J13 this year will invite artists and crafters who create headwear out of wool-based textiles to submit their work at Midlands wool-fest Wool @ J13 on 12th & 13th May.

The ‘Get Ahead, Get a Hat’ showcase; which will help raise both awareness and funds for one of the event’s nominated charities, Brain Tumour Research has inspired Wool @ J13 co-organiser Ingrid Wagner, a wool artist based in Staffordshire, to go on a mission to gather at least 100 hats. The hat can be of any style and inspired by any era, but must be handcrafted with wool being the highest fibre content, as Ingrid explains:

“We want to gather as many hats as possible – wild, wacky, imaginative or classical. Be it a Balaclava, a Bowler or the flourish of a Fez, a Cavalier’s hat or an extravaganza worn to a wedding; whatever shape or size or from whatever era you choose to draw your inspiration, we want to see it; whether you crochet, knit, weave, stitch or however you choose to achieve your hat, as long as the highest fibre content is wool (not acrylic, please note), we advise you to let your imagination go wild, run backwards and forwards in time to see what you may unearth sitting atop the heads of the people and then let your fingers do the talking.  If you make it, we’ll show it.

“Entering a Hat in our Exhibition will support Brain Tumour Research’s fundraising for vital research into this body, mind & soul-destroying disease. It may be a little-known fact that brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other form of cancer and your creative input can represent a contribution to helping to end this startling statistic.”


Exhibitors will then see their hats shown to the public during the 2018 Wool @ J13 festival at Lower Drayton Farm, near Penkridge, on 12th & 13th May. Those keen to enter their own woollen head-covering creation into the exhibition can do so for just £2, with 50p going straight to Brain Tumour Research.

The ‘Get Ahead, Get a Hat’ exhibition is one of a series of events being run by the Wool @ J13 team to support Brain Tumour Research – a hat making masterclass with felt artists Innerspiral was a huge hit on the weekend of 10th and 11th March, with many of the attendees keen to showcase their creations in the hat exhibition. Ingrid is also rallying a fund-raising flash mob from Stafford’s Soup Kitchen tearoom on Saturday, 31st March in honour of the charity’s annual ‘Wear A Hat Day’.

To secure your space in the ‘Get Ahead, Get a Hat’ exhibition or to find out more about the Wool @ J13 festival, head to or email For more information about Brain Tumour Research and Wear A Hat Day, please see &

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