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Don’t get caught out by Smart Parking

Smart Parking is a private car park management company operating the former town centre Co-op car park as well as the Crown Hotel car park

We’ve been contacted recently by a number of people who have fallen foul of the parking restrictions in place at Smart Parking sites in Stone.

Both sites operate an automated parking monitoring system that takes video of cars entering and leaving the car park and captures their registration numbers.

Dependant on the grace period in operation, to allow for drop-offs and pickups, if a vehicle is observed to have been in the car park and not had its registration number entered into the parking machine then a “Parking Charge Notice” may be issued via the post.

These notices are issued under the assumption that the terms of the contract displayed as you enter the car park, and placed around the site, have been broken however the technology used has been known to flag cars up incorrectly.

Something to note is that disabled blue badge holders aren’t necessarily exempt from paying parking charges so always check the fine print before leaving your vehicle.

If you believe that you’ve been incorrectly issued with a parking charge notice then here’s a link to a website that may assist you in appealing against the issued invoice –



  1. The same thing happened to me at The Range in Stafford..I don’t bother going there anymore either!
    Just had 10 weeks touring Spain and France…guess what No Parking charges in most of their towns and villages!
    Now Im despairing at the negative changes happening in and around Stone. Wondering how the A34 in the Stone area is going to cope with the extra HGVS and other vehicles from both the proposed Jaguar car park on Stone Business Park and also the proposed HS2 Rail head in Yarnfield…plus cars etc from new housing estates near Pirehill Lane etc.
    What the hell is going on…is there anybody looking at the entire plans proposed for the area…it’s just crazy!

  2. Dear Sirs
    Please warn our trusting public to be wary when parking on the old Co-op car park in Stone
    We parked there recently, paid our money and entered our registration number. In addition we displayed a Ble Badge
    We overran an appointment by 10 minutes and received a £100 parking fine in the post. The ticket was issued 2 weeks before but it only arrived on 28 March giving us just 8 days to pay the reduced fine of £60 if paid within so many days

    It’s another reason for us not to bother shopping in Stone, a town which is being strangled by poor parking, too many eateries and charity shops. A great shame for our local economy

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