Knight invasion sparks High Street battle

Saint George
Photo by Vantage Point Creative

Stone High Street was the setting today of a battle between Saint George and The Black Knights

At midday, Saint George and his men arrived on Stone’s High Street. Hundreds of people had turned out to see Saint George and Stone had a fantastic summer event feel to it.

Saint George paraded down the High Street, stopping at the Market Square to stretch his legs.

If Saint George had hoped for a quiet drink outside of The Lounge, he was sorely mistaken. Waiting for him was the dastardly Black Knights who were spoiling for a fight.

Photo by Vantage Point Creative

Battles between Saint George’s men and the Black Knights took place in front of Stone Library, a usually quiet and tranquil place.

Needless to say, Saint George and his men were too strong for the Black Knights and ended the battle victorious.

Knights Battle
Photo by Vantage Point Creative

The crowds provided a fantastic atmosphere, and it was fantastic to see the High Street full of people and washed with the summer sunshine.

A fantastic job by all the organisers who put the free event on today. Stone Library and many of the local shops also got into the medieval spirit of the occasion which was nice to see.

At the lower half of the High Street was a craft fair which was also very busy.

We were away this weekend so not able to attend ourselves.  Many thanks for all the feedback on the event and Vantage Point Creative for sending over the photos.

Saint George
Photo by Vantage Point Creative





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