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Westbridge Park survey results published

Following on from the consultation of play and leisure facilities at Westbridge Park Stafford, Borough Council have today published the results of their survey

Around 1500 residents, youngsters and organisations gave feedback on what they would like to see in terms of play and leisure facilities at Westbridge Park.

Here’s some of the feedback to the survey questions:

Do you use Westbridge Park?

Yes 77% No 23%

What factors prevent you from visiting Westbridge Park more often or at all?

Here are the top 5 responses
  1. Boring and unappealing
  2. Lack of age-suitable equipment and features
  3. Lack of toilets
  4. Facilities are in poor condition/or not provided
  5. Poorly maintained

How frequently do you use the following facilities or participate in the following activities?

The responses allowed were never, rarely, occasionally and regularly.

Most popular were

  1. Attending events
  2. Walking

While the least used were

  1. Adult Football Pitches
  2. Junior Football Pitches

How long do you usually spend at Westbridge Park?

Most people spend up to 1 hour; this indicates that the lack of facilities and attractions is discouraging people from staying longer

Is improved play provision important to you within Westbridge Park?

73% of respondents said Yes

Question 8 on the survey asked users to rank possible play facility options, here’s how they came out.

Junior play was the most common high priority response, 72% of respondents giving it a top three rank. Toddler play and a mixed-use game area also ranked highly with 56% and 47% respectively.

The least ranked facility was an outdoor gym, 47% of respondents ranked this in the bottom three in their list of priorities.

Are organised events important to you within Westbridge Park?

78% of respondents said things like the Stone Food & Drink Festival and Stone Festival were important to them.

Is football provision important to you at Westbridge Park?

Over 1000 people responded to this question with 46% saying no and 54% saying yes.

Question 12 asked about existing potential facilities in the park.

Top 2 ranked facilities were Formal Adult and Junior Football pitches.

Question 14 asked about additional items that could be included to enhance the park.

The highest ranking items were designated footbath/cycle paths, formal picnic areas and seating.

Question 15 dealt with the layout and main function of the park asking people to rank it for Play, Events, Football and Other.

Play came out at the top with 53% ranking it number 1 and 78% ranking it 1 or 2.

Age demographics

The age of the respondents certainly affects the responses given.
The majority of the responses came from 26-49-year-olds, followed by under 16-year-olds and then 50-55 year olds.

Gender analysis

41% of respondents were male with 57% being female


88% of respondents had an ST15 postcode.

For the full details of the survey results including in-depth feedback, please visit –  www.staffordbc.gov.uk/westbridgeparkconsultation.

Deputy Leader of Stafford Borough Council, Mike Smith, said:

“This is one of the largest investments ever made by the council anywhere in the borough and we want to deliver facilities that local residents – especially our younger people – can enjoy and be proud of.

“Our track record on developing parks has been excellent and we want Westbridge to be a place where people and families want to come and spend time in a safe and stimulating environment.”

He added: “I’m very grateful for all those who took the time to complete the questionnaire, came to workshops or got in touch with us in other ways.”

Concept proposals are now being drawn up based on the consultation – and residents and organisations will have the opportunity to comment on them before plans are put forward.

As we recently reported the Borough Council is selling off part of the land on Tilling Drive which will help cover the costs of the leisure facilities in Stone.

Looking through the survey responses, it will be interesting to see what the proposals look like.  Football provision looks to be the likely victim with play and event space being made the priority.

How do the results compare to what you hoped for from Westbridge Park?




  1. When the consultation was being held no mention was made of funding the councils financial errors by selling of part of Tilling Drive to prop-up this failed idea. Properly cost it, secure the cost and then work out what you can do with the monies you have. Destroying one of the football pitches to facilitate a children’s play area is not the way forward. The Council have botched this plan from the start and should be bought to book over it. Why do we have to have a swimming pool for the few to use. Same with a gym. Lets get this sorted for the many and not the few.

  2. I really do feel
    Like you should consider adults and children with disabilities when making changes to the leisure and play facilities, including things like a fully assisted changing with hoist etc and follow this through to the play facilities to include wheelchair swings etc. I do feel that disability is massively overlooked.

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