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The Red Box Project launches in Stone

The Red Box Project is a nationwide initiative that aims to offer free sanitary protection in schools for any girl in need. According to the Independent, over 137,700 girls in the UK missed school last year because they couldn’t afford sanitary protection – a shocking statistic.

The idea of the Red Box Project is simple: community collection points are established around the local area, our community donates tampons, sanitary towels and new underwear. These donations are then divided between local schools where they’re kept in the ‘red box’ at a safe location in the school where any girl can access the supplies they need.

Plain bags are provided so anonymity is assured, and students are welcome to take whatever they need – so if they need supplies for their whole period, they are free to help themselves. The idea is simple; empower girls to stay in school during their periods and they won’t miss out on their education.

Stone Co-ordinator Katie Malone explains why she’s bringing the Red Box Project to Stone:

“The sad truth is that many young people don’t have access to the sanitary protection they need. The result can be anxiety, embarrassment, and ultimately a missed education. We’ll be placing posters in school toilets to encourage any girl in need to access the red box and take what they need. No tearful panics in the loo. No wadded up toilet roll. No missed lessons.

“This is a simple project that is entirely funded by community kindness. We desperately need donation locations throughout Stone and the surrounding area. This will only involve placing a red box and a poster in visible locations, to allow people to drop off their donations. Our project only works if we have these locations available. We also have a crowdfunding page and an Amazon shopping list, so there’s a way for everyone to get involved.”

If you are a business owner in the area, and would be happy to have a donation box in your establishment, or are a school based in Stone or Stafford and would to get involved, please contact the Red Box Project Stone through their Facebook page.



  1. Thank you for this article, we now have secured our first donation point in Stone. We hope more generous offers will come in soon!

      1. Hi Judith

        There will be donation points set up next week, at Stone Osteopaths, and Birchill Watson Pharmacy. Until these are set up, I am happy to collect donations 🙂

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