Fire Service warns of dangers of charging batteries overnight

A warning has come from Staffordshire Fire and Rescue for residents not to leave batteries charging over night following a fire in Tamworth.

Thursday April 19 at 3.17am, the Service was called to Kingfisher, Wilnecote, after reports of a fire in a living room. Two firefighters wore breathing apparatus and used a hose reel jet to put out the blaze. A fire investigation found the incident was caused by a battery which had been left to charge over night.

Fire Investigation Officer Rob Horton said: “The resident had only purchased the lithium battery, used for a golf trolley, the day before and this was its first charge. He left it charging downstairs and was alerted to the fire by his dog, who most likely heard the battery explode after it had overheated.

“Thankfully the door to the living room was closed, containing the smoke and allowing the occupants to safely leave the property through the front door.

“When we carried out the investigation we found the battery had been plugged into a tower charger. We are urging residents not to leave lithium batteries charging overnight as it is very easy for them to overheat. It is also important to ensure you purchase any batteries or electrical items from reputable sellers and check they have the British Safety Standard logo.

“Fortunately no one was hurt during this incident, thanks in part to the dog alerting them to the fire before the smoke was able get under the door to activate the smoke alarm in the hallway.”


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