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Crafty cows escape and take a wander around Aston Lodge

Stone residents on Aston Lodge were met with scenes of cows wandering through the streets and munching on flower pots as almost 100 cows escaped from their field!

Farmer Matt Weaver explained what happened:

“Our cattle showed their natural healthy curiosity by rubbing open a gate that wasn’t padlocked to have a closer look at the fine gardens of nearby houses. Thankfully a neighbour alerted me to the missing cattle so we managed to get them back quite quickly.

“The cattle may have left some little organic presents to help fertilise the gardens as they passed by.

“I hope that the entertainment value of this spectacle was enjoyed by everybody!

“Finally thanks to the young ladies on Aston Lodge who assisted in getting the cattle back to their field. “

Aston Lodge resident Vicky O’Dell shared a photo that her daughter Rosie had taken of a cow that had wandered up and started licking the window of her study!

It looks like the cattle followed the footpath from Pingle Lane along the back of Kingsland Road before popping out at Mercer Avenue.

They then turned back on themselves up Kingsland Road itself, taking a break to have a munch on their way!

The farmer found this part of the herd on Kingsland Road, but the majority of the cows had headed up Pingle Lane and had taken up residence in a neighbours orchard!

A Stone resident said “The cows looked like they were enjoying their walk around the estate. They were calm and peaceful at all times and the video shows the farmer and a helper driving the cows back to their field.”

Cows - Kingsland Road




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