Smokers warned following 3 recent house fires

Bungalow fireSmokers across Stone are being urged by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service to be vigilant when disposing of smoking materials

A fire on Monday 4th June saw a woman from Penkridge have a lucky escape when her bungalow was destroyed by fire. The incident was caused when discarded smoking materials started a fire in the kitchen of the property.

Nearby fire crews were dispatched and on arrival found that the 59-year-old woman had escaped into the garden at the rear of the property and was being attended to by neighbours.

Paramedics took over the patients car and gave the lady oxygen therapy before taking her to Stafford Hospital where her condition is described as stable.

The incident comes only days after a man died at his home in Stafford after a fire caused by careless disposal of smoking materials. Firefighters brought the man outside after a fire started in his living room but sadly he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Later the same day fire crews responded to another incident, this time at Abbey Hulton, Stoke-on-Trent, when a serious blaze was also started due to smoking materials.

The fire service is therefore reminding residents about the SAME campaign which highlights the four factors that greatly increase the likelihood of dying in a house fire. These are Smoking, Alcohol, Mobility issues and being Elderly.

In the last ten years (2007 to 2017) research has shown that cigarettes/cigars and lighters have been the biggest cause of fires in which people have died, with 41 per cent of those who died being smokers.

Fire Investigation Officer Tim Hollingworth said:

“This was a very severe fire which has completely destroyed the bungalow. The occupant was very lucky to escape unharmed.

“If you are a smoker please ensure you dispose of cigarettes/cigars correctly in an appropriate ashtray and make sure that they are completely out. It doesn’t take much for a cigarette to ignite soft furnishings so it’s better to avoid smoking in bed or while sitting on the sofa. Also take care not to drop the cigarette or spill ash on carpets.

“If you or someone you know is a smoker then please contact our Community Advice Team for information on how to prevent a fire happening in your home.”

The Service’s FREE Community Advice Team can be contacted on 0800 0241 999.
For more information on the SAME campaign visit


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