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Local resident launches campaign for fibre broadband

Stone Community FibreStone resident Matthew Davis moved on to the Millers Reach estate three years ago, under the promise that fast internet was becoming available soon……

Matthew Davis explained to A Little Bit of Stone about his campaign:

“After 3 years there are still no plans for bringing fibre broadband to certain areas in Stone therefore we’re trying to organise a community fibre partnership with BT OpenReach to speed up the process.

It seems like lots of Stone residents, especially those who are connected to Cabinet Number 10, can’t get access to the fibre broadband that modern life seems to require. This cabinet serves both sides of the A34.

The Fibre Community Partnership works with communities to speed up the process of bringing fibre broadband access via co-funding from the community. The more people we have expressing an interest, the cheaper it will be, and everyone connected to Cabinet 10 will benefit.”

If you’re currently in an area in Stone that doesn’t have access to fibre broadband then here’s what Matthew suggests you do?

The first thing is to check which cabinet you’re connected to at

When checking your landline number, the site will tell you underneath which cabinet you’re connected to.

If you can’t receive fibre broadband, the Community Partnership organiser, Matthew Davis, would like to hear from you so that he can add your details to the BT Openreach portal that he has been given access to.

The information he will need is your address, postcode and landline number. Once that has been added, and once enough interest has been gathered, Openreach will provide an indicative cost of bringing fibre to the community.

There is no commitment or costs at this stage – this is all about exploring solutions to bring faster internet to Stone for everyone.

Once the cost has been indicated, a consultation period will begin with the community to see if this is something everyone would like to move forward with.

To contact Matthew please email and he’ll come back to you with further details

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