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7 year old Freya donates hair and raises money for the Little Princess Trust

Stone’s The Dezignroom was the venue for 7-year-old Freya who had her hair cut off for the children and young adult wig charity, Little Princess Trust.

Courageous Freya chose Stone based The Dezignroom as her sister works there on a Saturday and she was excited this morning when she took to the chair for the charity haircut.

A typical wig that the charity give out for free costs between £350 – £500 and Freya has remarkably raised over £700, smashing her initial £500 fundraising target.

The Little Princess Trust, founded in memory of 5-year-old Hannah Tarplee, supplies the best real-hair wigs available, free of charge, to children and young adults up to the age of 24, who have lost their hair through cancer treatment or other illnesses.

Freya spoke on Signal 1 this morning saying that she said she had done it to help poorly little girls so they would not feel left out. Signal 1 present Elliot Holman labelled her a “hero”, and we would agree with that!

Freya’s mum, Nolana Fielding, told A Little Bit of Stone:

“Myself and her dad Steve fielding couldn’t be more proud of what a brave and selfless thing she has done for the benefit of others. She’s been really motivated as all she wants to do is help others, which is so honourable at seven years old.”

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