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Taylor Wimpey national campaign shortlists Stone organisations

Taylor WimpeyNational housebuilder Taylor Wimpey has shortlisted three Stone organisations as part of their Midlands region.

People are asked to vote for a community cause that they want to receive a donation of up to £500.

The causes nominated for the Stone area are:

Stone Community Hub 

Stone Community Hub (“the Hub”) is dedicated to improving the lives of residents of Stone and its surrounding villages by providing support and advice in times of need.

Stone Lions Club

Stone Lions have been actively serving the needs of the people of Stone since 1978 and are very proud of their strong history and their relationship with the local community. 

Staffordshire Therapeutic Independent Neurological Group (Sting)

Sting is based in Stone and helps people across Staffordshire dealing with neurological disorders to manage their disabilities effectively so they can enjoy life to the best possible extent.


To vote, simply put the name of your preferred cause in the subject line of an email to

Votes will need to be received by midnight on Sunday 27th January and only one vote per person will be counted. The winner will be announced on Monday 4th February.

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