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Farm offers Frights & Fireworks for Halloween

Lower Drayton Farm in Penkridge will be transforming into one of Staffordshire’s spookiest spots for their Halloween celebration.

ldfRunning between Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd October, little terrors Spookfest will run between 10 & 4:30pm. Pumpkin Pat and his helpers will welcome them to the event, which will be just spooky enough for kids. With a trailer ride to pick their own pumpkin, followed by Halloween craft activities, the Maize Maze & the farm’s resident animals & outdoor play area, the kids will be worn out & ready for a nightmare-free sleep!

taOnce the kids are in bed, the “grown up” fun starts! Running for 12 nights from Friday 21st November, Twisted Attractions award winning team will be opening the gates to their latest theatre of screams. With four live horror attractions; the haunting mystery of Priory Fields, the gory secret of Mrs Piggots Pie Shop, feel the fear on the Destruction trailer ride, and nightmare inducing House of Insomnia, will you ever sllep with the lights off again? To really test your horror mettle, a performance in Dr Hades Fear Theatre is also available at an additional charge. Add to the mix live music, a fair ground, street entertainers, food and a licensed bar, and the stage is set for a howler of a night.

fireworks-450Far from disappointing firework fans, Saturday 29th October is Fireworks Extravaganza night. This will take place alongside the Halloween Scream Night event but with fireworks only adult and child tickets available allowing visitors to enjoy all the fun and attractions of the main arena without taking in the live horror shows.

For full details and tickets for the Spookfest Halloween Half Term and Halloween Scream Nights visit

Fireworks only tickets for the Fireworks Extravaganza, which starts from 7pm on Saturday, 29th October, are available from
People have expressed concern for animal welfare in the comments section, the organisers have issued the following statement:
“We have had a number of people expressing concern about the safety of animals on the farm during the fireworks display. Rather than respond to everyone individually we want to state that we take animal welfare very seriously. We organise a highly professional display and believe that this kind of organised event is far better than amateur ‘back garden’ displays as they are advertised well in advance and local pet / livestock owners are aware that there will be display at a set time and date and can make arrangements accordingly. As for our own livestock, we make every effort to ensure that animals likely to be affected by the fireworks are safely in their pens/houses and that they are carefully checked before, during and after the display. 2016 will be the 10th year the fireworks display on the farm and we have never had animals panicked or injured by the fireworks and make every effort to ensure they remain calm and safe throughout.”


  1. I am not sure why Halloween and fireworks are an item – in a way, I do wish that we only had fireworks on the 5th November as it used to be so exciting! Now it’s not. And it’s too loud and too unpredictable.

    I understand that the farm has assured that their own animals are safely tucked away, as it were. To that, I can only say that any animal subjected to a loud, unexpected noise/s, may still panic or be frightened. Some animals will simply freeze but many will pace about. It is unlikely that they are habituated to the fireworks.

    Same with pet dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc. They can be safe inside but nevertheless, as many a pet owner can testify, still very scared and frightened.

    It would be a wonderful idea to use silent fireworks!

  2. I sincerely hope these fireworks ARE silent. I note that the company has not replied to requests for information about this, which suggests to me that they are not. However they are housed, and whether or not they are ‘checked carefully before and after the event’ it is a horrible idea to have fireworks so close to animals. I can’t imagine why any considerate person would do so.

    Consider this: if you want truly spooky fireworks, silent ones would be better. Nothing spookier, surely, that silent fireworks in the dark. Make it a part of the advertising. ‘You have never seen fireworks as spooky as these’ might even bring more people in.

  3. Fireworks and animals dont go together the farm should be considering their well fare and other animals near by. How ridiculous!

  4. Fireworks are the most distressing single item,to all animals ,why oh why can us humans be a little more thoughtful ,to see these animals in distress is absolutely heartbreaking

  5. Fireworks? On a farm with animals? Seriously? What idiot thought that one up? You won’t get me visiting your farm in future!

  6. We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers, so whats going on? No matter how you try to justify it animals and explosions don’t mix. Putting over lame excuses like ‘ the animals are checked regular throughout’ means nothing at all. Who checks them anyway, a member of staff or the RSPCA?? What about farm animals and pets in the surrounding area, how do they cope with the continuous bombardment? This farm fireworks display is cruel and unessasary, why not use silent fireworks, they are just as attractive without the ear splitting detonations. And remember animals have very sensitive acute hearing and noise is magnified many many times louder than ours. It’s time to put animals before profit and do the right thing by them. Then we can say we are animal lovers.

  7. How can they claim that they make every effort to ensure that animals likely to be affected by the fireworks are safely in their pens/houses and that they are carefully checked before, during and after the display.

    Just because they are penned does this mean they cant hear and feel the fireworks?

    How can they check every single animal throughout the whole of the evening.

    If they were truely concerned for their amals welfare they will use silent fireworks

    Why let off fireworks at Halloween?

  8. Since when is Hallowe’en a firework night. Animals and fireworks are not a safe combination, The Animal Welfare Act is clear on this matter.

  9. Firstly I am appalled that you would have a fireworks display on a farm around your own animals I understand you believe you keep them safe! But the negative effect of fireworks around animals is well documented and it is completely unnecessary to put them and animals in the surrounding area through this stress. And since when was Halloween about fireworks this is the reason so many people are against fireworks now a days they are exploited for all occasions not just November the 5th.

  10. This is disgraceful. Animals and fireworks are not a good combination. The Animal Welfare Act is clear on this matter. In addition, fireworks on Halloween, since when has that been a tradition

  11. I am disgusted that you are having fireworks on a farm, the noise and smell with not only badly affect the animals living there but also animals living around there and wildlife. If you must have fire works at least have the silent ones.

  12. Why put profit before animal welfare? Please reconsider using fireworks at this event and put the wellbeing of animals first.

  13. I understand that this firework display is a celebration on The night of Halloween. This is another which people who find firewoks stressful and who own fearful pets in the area will be struggling. This is unfair.
    I understand their farm animals will be safe and secure but what about the wild animals, fearful pets and people who suffer from noise anxiety..

  14. Why put profit before animal welfare. Please reconsider having fireworks at this event, I am sure people would enjoy it without fireworks, or at least use silent fireworks

  15. I am very concerned about the welfare of the animals nearby. Fireworks can have a devastating effect on livestock. The fear caused by loud fireworks can cause extreme distress & sometines death. Please protect all animals in the vicinity. Thank you

  16. This is dreadful! it’s irresponsible and unfair to people and animals who will be distressed by these fireworks not just the animals on the farm but others living nearby including wildlife. Why not have quiet fireworks if you must have any at all?

  17. Maybe you make sure all your animals are checked – what about the other animals on local farms ? Are you taking them into consideration? You should be more animal aware and if letting off fireworks ensure all animals are considered such as silent fireworks – great to view – no problem with loud noises for animals

  18. Load of rubbish. Fireworks upset animals, the elderly,mentally infirm and traumatised service men. Why can’t you lead the way with silent fireworks. There is no need for armageddon type displays. Fireworks can be pretty and quiet. Try them please

  19. Disgraceful that a farm would choose to hold a firework event which distresses animals. Have you not even considered silent fireworks ? Please consider your other options in terms of silent fireworks and reconsider !!

  20. Whether housed or not, I can’t believe all of your animals are calm throughout the fireworks displays. This is obviously a quick and easy money making event, your animals are also there to make you money and their welfare does not come first, otherwise you would not have the fireworks, I for one am not convinced, having animals myself and seeing the affect the noise etc has on them. Please do the decent thing and forget the fireworks, I’m sure the event can be enjoyed just as much without them, I believe it is an offence to let off fireworks in close proximity to animals.

  21. How totally insane and in humane to have a firework display on a farm. Money and profit before animal welfare. Thus is an animal cruelty issue.

  22. Fireworks are noisy and they don’t have to be – quiet fireworks are actually law in some places in the World. The noisy ones literally scare the poo out of animals and in to many cases death by stress or injury caused by the stress. Why are we still talking about it when every single year hearts are broken and responsible owners spend days comforting their stressed pets – so well done firework organisers for ruining the evenings of innocent people. Profit from others misery yet again.

  23. I am hoping that given the location of this prolonged event, the organisers are using silent fireworks. The risk of animals experiencing panic in response to fireworks and injuring themselves as a consequence is significant. Anyone who has seen an injured and frightened animal will know that any person who loves rural life doesn’t want to be part of an event that is likely to frighten livestock and wildlife.

    The Animal Welfare Act is clear.

  24. The effect of fireworks on animals is well documented, from mild fear (shaking, panting and hiding), to terror so extreme it results in injury and death, either through the animal running through fencing, in front of cars or even having heart attacks. To hold a firework display at a farm, near to a college that also has animals demonstrates a truly astounding level of callousness and an utter disregard for the law (The Animal Welfare Act). It is utterly appalling and should be treated as an act of animal cruelty.

  25. I agree with the folks that think animals and fireworks do not mix. Please consider the impact that the wizz , bangs, and flashes will have on the poor creatures. Animal welfare must come first.

  26. I am very concerned about the welfare of the animals nearby. Fireworks can have a devastating effect on livestock. The fear caused by loud fireworks can cause extreme distress & sometines death. Please protect all animals in the vicinity. Thank you

  27. I wondered how much consideration had been given to their neighbours’ livestock, pets and children while this event takes place, have they considered the volume of the fireworks they are letting off?

  28. Have they seriously thought this through? Fireworks and animals!! I really think this is a bad decision. The Animal Welfare Act makes the position crystal clear

    I have tried to contact them directly but unfortunately they are not responding to any comments or questions

  29. I am sorely dismayed at being ignored by this company when I asked if they were using silent fireworks to consider the needs of the animals on their farm and the neighbouring animals at Rodbaston College.
    I feel that by not considering the needs of these animals, they are not taking on the responsibility and welfare of the animals in their care. Farm animals suffer too, not to mention horses and small pets too. I believe Rodbaston still have horses on site?
    I still maintain it would be just as nice a display to use silent fireworks – then everyone is happy. No-one has to then deal with distressed animals.
    Silent fireworks certainly would be a way forward in this instance.


  30. Cracking idea to have fireworks at a farm – NOT I hear it is near the college and all the animals at Rodbaston. Yet another profit before welfare idea. Fireworks and animals of any description do not mix. I hope that someone has looked into the Animal Welfare Act which states the following :
    Animal Welfare act 2006 to cause any unnecessary suffering to any captive or domestic animal. Fireworks must not be set off near livestock or horses in fields or close to buildings housing livestock. Anyone planning a firework display in a rural area should warn neighbouring farmers in advance
    Section 4 of the AWA 2006 says ……
    (1)A person commits an offence if—
    (a)an act of his, or a failure of his to act, causes an animal to suffer,
    (b)he knew, or ought reasonably to have known, that the act, or failure to act, would have that effect or be likely to do so,
    (c)the animal is a protected animal, and
    (d)the suffering is unnecessary.

    DO the sensible thing and boycott this really strange idea of mixing animals with fireworks. You all know how your pets at home react with fireworks – give farm animals the same consideration.

  31. As they have animals on the farm I would like to know what the farm is doing to protect their animals during the fireworks display?
    Have they considered using Quiet Fireworks?
    Diane Ford
    Fireworks Abatement Group

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