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We love to hear what you think about articles we post on A Little Bit of Stone or share through our social media profiles. Discussion and debate is a good thing and we like to encourage it.

However, we do ask that you keep it civilised by keeping these guidelines in mind…

  • Be constructive
    If you don’t like something, or don’t agree with something, say why. Expand on your views and thoughts. And please don’t get personal – stick to the issues and keep it clean
  • Don’t say anything defamatory
    Defamation is a law that protects the reputation of people. Don’t say something about someone that you can’t provide evidence for. If a comment is likely to be defamatory, we’ll take it down if asked to and you’ll most likely be banned from making comments in future. We have to be very careful here, else we’ll get into trouble
  • Respect the privacy of others
    We often post articles that are controversial or that are breaking news. We ask that everyone uses a common sense approach when commenting and does not post comments containing unconfirmed information on such stories
  • Use your real name (if you can)
    Don’t be a keyboard warrior. If you say something on the web you should be confident enough to say it offline. We believe that it’s easy to be less than civil when hiding behind a pseudonym rather than accepting personal accountability, so we’d prefer real names for comments on our website please

The administrators of A Little Bit of Stone and our social media profiles reserve the right to remove comments or content where they fall outside of these guidelines or are deemed to be libellous, malicious or where they could cause distress.

Complaints – If you want to make a complaint about a comment on our website or any of our social media profiles, please send an email to and we’ll investigate for you

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  1. Does anybody know when the M&S store will open? The High Street is looking great again and I hope the new M&S will draw more people into the town. Still very sad that the Coop is closing but hopefully will be replaced by a similar store. Does anybody know what is happening there?

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