Stone goes royal wedding crazy!

What a fantastic day in Stone! Hope you enjoyed the street party. Here are lots of pics…

Please share your thoughts and experiences of the street party by leaving a comment below. You can also share your pictures, either by emailing to or by posting on the Little Bit of Stone Facebook page.

Some video will be added to the site very soon too!



  1. Friday was wonderful – a HUGE and heartfelt thank-you to all those who gave their time – on the day and before – so freely and generously. I was there with my Mum, Dad in a wheelchair and kids from 5 to 75. We got ourselves organised to get there in time for a table – of which there were many – and had a fantastic day. I didn’t see ANY trouble. I DID see lots of FUN! And for the children: donkeys, rides, flags, dancing, singing, picnic, battercakes – what more is there?! I was there from 1.30pm til gone 10. LOVED IT!

    1. Many tables but NO CHAIRS all taken to top up other tables or put in front of stage. I too did not see any ‘trouble’ but where does the comment from the group of 30 something women dancing with bottles in their one hand and cigarettes in the other at 3.30 ish in the area that was a walkway (supposedly) ‘bloody pushchairs’ fit in? Many instances like this – rude behaviour fueled by drink.
      As you can see from the comments on the site, no other people are commenting negative feedback, ? do not have access to site, ? don’t want to complain etc etc but many comments have been made. I overheard a group in Costa Saturday discussing the day, the comments again not too happy. You have to see that any event as said can not please all people but feedback should be listened too to make the future events enjoyable and safe for all. And comments should NOT be dismissed as being ‘miserable and kill joy’. I sincerely hope that the organisers do not see it as this but will listen and if possible take some of the suggestions on board to make the next event better for all.
      Enough I think!
      Oh yes the battercakes were wonderful…brie and stilton, salmon and cream cheese followed by pudding, chocolate and banana…please have at next party!

  2. I had a fantastic time at the street party. I was there with grandparents, parents, nephews, nieces – the whole family really! It was a bit raucous but come on, everyone was so happy and determined to have a good time, alcohol or no alcohol.

    Perhaps for the next big event – the diamond jubilee next year – there could be another area, say in Westbridge Park or Crown Meadow, for all the family stuff???

    1. That’s a good idea Victoria, but I wonder if there would be enough volunteers / organisers to arrange something over two sites??? What I’d like to do is thank everyone for making the street party happen. The town council and the Stone Lions, who were doing such a great job on the day.

      Yarngathering – sorry you had a bad experience. Perhaps you could volunteer your time to make Victoria’s idea a reality?? I’m sure you could do some great arts and crafts!!!

      1. Not just me Tom, passing on comments from Stone residents! I agree about 2 sites, still think the idea suggested by someone coming in the shop was more feasible……to divide the day up 2-4 family, quieter time, no alcohol, 4pm on, anything goes.
        Good idea about more people volunteering to help with activities – count me in.

  3. Just a few comments to answer.
    Some of this is my personal opinion along with that of customers coming into the shop offering their view of the afternoon.
    Main comments I have heard today…
    It was advertised as a family day but really there were not many families with small children able to sit and take advantage of a party atmosphere in their ‘wedding outfits’ and that was what they were there for …not to go on fairground rides, you can get these anywhere and were expensive. Thanks to ‘Caramel Ocean’ for putting on free painting for the children. My GD was looking forward to a picnic and to see the dancing and singing. We met other families in the park with the same view. We were there at 2pm and there was not a single table with chairs free, many taken by just 1-2 people reserving for others, fine if you could get there to do that. Tables without chairs, the chairs taken to put in front of the stage causing the lack of access. I have had a couple of Stone residents in just who also felt uncomfortable and chose to go no farther then Costa. Was the turn out underestimated?
    What I am hearing today is some confusion over what the event was meant to be and who it was for? Street parties historically were meant for the people who lived there, to celebrate within the community! And yes it is great that people from the surrounding areas wish to take advantage of the ‘community’ spirit but not so Stone residents feel outsiders. A particular comment today from some Stone people. So yes maybe some way of keeping it for the people of Stone was needed.

    There needed to be more supervision of the crowd, this was after all a public place not a private street. To try to get past the area around the stage, no way! even the area behind the barriers, which was presumed to be a ‘pedestrian walkway’ had people sitting on the floor drinking. Too many people in that small area and no supervision.
    And that there was too much “alcohol induced fun”; even before 4pm. when we had enough. Maybe a drinks licence after 4-5pm? how realistic i don’t know. Or even without alcohol in the street, just kept to the pubs?????????
    For those of you who had an amazing experience, then great but for many it was a let down or an uncomfortable experience.
    So there you are, a summary of how some of the people of Stone felt about the day. Again, thanks to the people who organised it, I am sure you want to hear from all, so any future event may give pleasure to a bigger cross section of Stone residents.

    1. Hi Yarngathering. Your views – and those of your customers – are really interesting. As far as I’m aware, the street party was for ‘everyone’: families, young, old, everyone. And perhaps it was never going to please everyone. You’re right, the squeeze by the stage area could have been seen by many as uncomfortable. I enjoyed the atmosphere to be honest – and there were lots of children dancing away.

      It sounds like you made it into town at the busiest time (between 2 and 3.30 say). Things did quieten down for a bit before getting going again about 6ish. I think you may have enjoyed it more between 4 and 6.

      In hindsight, perhaps the stage should have been positioned at the top of the High Street, leaving the bottom end of town for a quieter, family-friendly area. I don’t know.

      But it is good to hear views so that the jubilee street party next year is even better (if there is one, and I really hope there is!!)

      1. Hi Richard, I think children over the age of 7-8 would possibly be ok with the crowds and enjoy, especially if you had a base for them to come back too ie a table or chairs. Younger, no, and having a child in a pushchair impossible. And really 2-4 is maybe the time for the younger children not later.
        A customer made a suggestion of having 2-4pm for families with children and having the more family focused events, the kids dance group etc at that time. If made aware that this was to happen people could choose a time to come in to town and have a quieter time or join in a more adult atmosphere. A good suggestion I thought.

        Majority of comments, and they were not just from mothers with young children but older couples ie 60-70ish but also some ‘youngsters’ 15- 30 age group was about the alcohol, how it made them feel uncomfortable especially in a crowd; and so early in the day. And yes there will always be ‘drunks’ who take advantage but I did not see any typical drunk – loutish behaviour just a lot of adults having a lot to drink in an area where most people wanted to be or to get through! Drink and crowds do not mix.
        I agree with you in hoping there is another street party for the Jubilee next year. Stone is a great town and I feel privileged to have my shop there and to have been made so welcome.

  4. I am the girl smack bang in the middle with the flag on the main picture at the top of the page with my boyfriend and his mates/family. lol. had a crackin day yesterday!! a royal wedding is the only excuse to be able to drunken dance in stone high street!awesome bands on!!!

  5. Thanks to the organisers, it looked a very good ‘do’ but I must admit we ( my daughter, SIL, and their 2 children, a 5 yr old and a baby in a pushchair) did not stay after 4pm as it was impossible to go down the High st, not just the space trying to get a pushchair down but trying to avoid drunken or near drunken people and not just youngsters. We watched people coming out of Co Op with boxes of drink. I spoke to a few residents of Stone, knowing them as they come in to my shop, and the comments were the same vein, not family focused, too crowded around stage, not enough seating or seating taken up by groups of drinkers. And also comments that there were not many people there actually from Stone. These are all comments I have heard today. Not wanting to be a killjoy but thought I would make it known as it is being said. We went to the park and sat and had our picnic on the tow path which was good but Megan was disappointed as she wanted to see the Stage School but we could not get near the stage. Anyway glad it went well and it was a lovely wedding.

    1. Hi Jeanette. Thanks for the comment. I didn’t hear any of those concerns yesterday but you’re right, the area around the stage was very crowded. There was a lot of drinking but I think people really wanted to celebrate! I was there with my wife and two daughters and other families and we thought it was great. But then we got there really early to get a couple of tables down by Clinton Cards. You’re right about lots of people coming into the town from elsewhere. Some of our friends from Stafford were there and I spoke to lots of people from Newcastle and Stoke. I don’t see this as a bad thing really – more an indication of how great Stone is to put on an event like this. I don’t think you’re going to be able to please everyone but there were some activities for children. They could have their face painted and make Union flags. And there were some fairground rides too!

      1. We had the most amazing experience yesterday – a tribute to the success of the day is the crowds. What would you do have it ticket only? Just sharing the joy with everyone on the streets showed Britain at its greatest. Pulling together in the celebration of the wedding. At any function their can be the drunks and the crowds. We were there from 1.00p.m and there were many of empty tables and chairs – if the families had wanted to use them they were available. Also the children’s rides at the top of town away from the crush and noise of the stage. A day to remember!

  6. Great pics! We had a BRILLIANT time at the party. Made me very proud to live in Stone to be honest. Big thanks to the organisers and volunteers. Just fantastic!

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