Plan for new power station at Meaford


An aerial view of the construction of the coal-powered Meaford ‘B’ station in 1956 – image from Staffordshire Past Track. Click the photo for more details. It’s important to state that the new power station would not look like this!

Plans are being drawn up for a new gas-fired power station at Meaford.

Meaford Energy Ltd wants to build a 30-acre station at Meaford Business Park – the site of the former coal-fired Meaford Power Station that was decommissioned and demolished in the 1990s.

The company – which has been formed by business park owner St Modwen and property investment firm Glenfinnan – says plans are at a very early stage but that ‘Meaford Energy Centre’ would have the capacity to generate enough energy to supply every household in North Staffordshire.

The plans are expected to be revealed to residents during a three-day public consultation event in October. More formal consultation will then be held next summer before proposals are submitted to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate late next year. A decision from the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change is expected in 2016.

The Meaford Energy Centre proposals are for a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power station (CCGT). Far more efficient than traditional gas power stations, CCGT plants use both gas and steam to generate electricity, the company says.

Compressed air and natural gas are ignited and fed into a combustion turbine that drives a generator. The surplus heat generated by this process is used to create steam, which is used to drive a second turbine attached to a generator. This turns what could be waste heat into an efficient source of additional power.

Meaford Energy Ltd estimates 800 construction jobs would be created, with a further 30 to staff the plant once it is operational.

You can find out more at the Meaford Energy Centre website HERE.



  1. “The Meaford site is ideal for this project. It is not only at the centre of the electricity grid that serves North Staffordshire but is also next to the original gas grid pipeline. Water is also available from the River Trent. Even better it is sitting on top of large coal reserves that were left in place to protect the integrity of the generating sets in Meaford A and B power stations.
    Consequently Meaford could also be the site of a drilling hub to extract coal bed methane from the huge reserves to the west of Meaford. This area was never mined because of the Apedale fault that limited the reserves of Hem Heath colliery and finally forced its closure. Accessing the ten coal seams lying beneath this area will provide more than enough coal bed methane to power such a station without using imported fuel.
    This station will improve power supplies to North Staffordshire and be a significant factor in investors choosing this area.”

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