HS2, what does it mean for the residents of Stone?

HS2 LogoStone residents are being encouraged to find out more about how HS2 will affect them and the wider county

HS2 Limited has organised information events to allow people to find out more about the project and about what it may mean for them and their local communities.

Mark Winnington, Staffordshire County Council Cabinet Member for Economic Growth, said:

“From the outset we have championed the voice and the cause of Staffordshire to mitigate the impact of HS2, win compensation for residents and ensure Staffordshire shares in any economic benefits from this national transport project.

“With an engineering project of this size, the design was always going to be subject to change, so it is important that people take the time to find out for themselves how the scheme may affect them.”

In November 2015, the Secretary of State for Transport announced plans to bring forward the West Midlands to Crewe Section of the HS2, with phase 2a to open in 2027, six years ahead of schedule.

There are three proposed changes to the design which are being consulted on separately as part of the Design Refinement consultation and are being considered by the Secretary of State for Transport. These are:

  • extending the proposed tunnel at Crewe, re-siting the tunnel entrance south of the A500 and Weston Lane;
  • moving the lines near Crewe that would connect HS2 to the West Coast Main Line further south and extending their length; and
  • constructing a temporary railhead near Stone, with the potential to convert it to a permanent maintenance facility. – See section 4 for details and proposed location west-midlands-crewe-design-refinement-consultation-web-version

This consultation asks for views, based on the information included in the Design Refinement Consultation document, which will be considered by the Secretary of State when making his decision about the final route. The consultation closes on  November 7.

Either write to FREEPOST DESIGN REFINEMENT 2A ( no stamp is needed) or go online to respond to at

Information events will be held fom noon to 8pm on:

  • October 5 at Kings Bromley Village Hall
  • October 7 at Great Haywood Memorial Hall
  • October 10 at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre
  • October 12 at Yarnfield Park Training and Conference Centre
  • October 15 (from 10am to 5pm) at The Madeley Centre, Madeley.

Stone Independent Councillor Rob Kenney said:

“Beside the impact on the environment there are the traffic problems to consider. Closing Yarnfield Lane will not only isolate Yarnfield but also redirect traffic into Stone via the Eccleshall Road causing huge congestion at peak times. In addition to this it is suggested that local roads will be used for construction vehicles.  This will inevitably be roads around Stone and will cause major chaos

Another impact will be the effect it has on the plan for Stafford Borough which has identified a nearby location on the Eccleshall Road as a SDL (strategic development location). Five hundred houses are ear marked for this location. The maintenance facility could possibly reduce the number of homes and the consequence could be the requirement to find an alternative location for additional housing in Stone. It would also impact on the value of the new homes making it less feasible for affordable housing to be included in the project. There is also a recently included project of 92 homes opposite on Common Lane

Local existing housing would also be reduced in value .If this happens I hope that the people of Stone receive ample compensation. But firstly residents need to make their views known by making comments on the consultation and attending the Consolation being held at Yarnfield Park Conference Centre on Wednesday 12th October.

This cannot be allowed to go ahead. It would be life changing for Stone and the surrounding area.”

Newly elected Stone Independent Councillor Ian Fordham adds:

“I assume that this location has been chosen to represent the best outcome from the point of view of HS2’s faceless bureaucrats – but it is a potential disaster for Stone’s residents and their quality of life. This will be massive depot and will be clearly visible from the Town. There will be light pollution during the night when much of the maintenance work will be carried out. There will be noise throughout the day and the night from road and rail movements.

We can already hear the M6 traffic day and night. This promises to be much worse. It must be resisted. I hope residents will make their views known.”

What are your thoughts on HS2 and how it will affect Stone life?

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  1. We live on Eccleshall Road at Cold Norton.. a handful of houses west of the M6. NOBODY in Cold Norton were sent plans, invited to meetings let alone consulted. It was only thanks to leaflets in Stone that we were made aware and an emergency meeting held with reluctant reps from HS2. Our lifestyle, home, life savings and way of rural life will be utterly devastated why….. so the time it takes to have a wee and purchase a latte from the buffet car, will be shaved off the journey from Leeds/ Liverpool to London.
    Shame on you Bill Cash for allowing this previously beautiful corner of Staffordshire to be squandered. Photos of the threatened fields/ trees/ hedgerows/ homes along with letters need to be sent to HRH Prince Charles. HS2 require a Royal Charter to be passed: I believe we need to find out just how green HRH’s credentials really are.

  2. The criteria for consultation letters was a 1 km radius of the site. I live in Yarnfield which is 1.1 kms, so didn’t get a letter. Only just found out about it. Very convenient that this plan has suddenly been pushed forward with little time for objection.

  3. Has anyone opened a petition to gather support for a parliamentary debate, we would need 100,000 names….not sure how feasible that is? Our MPs office should be able to advise.

    1. The building of the HS2 Railhead compound which is estimated is going to take up to 7 years to build and will also mean the closure of Yarnfield Lane for 3 years is going to have an enormous impact on the town and especially the people of Walton. The Eccleshall Road is to be used for all construction traffic causing even more delays and congestion in the town particularly the A34 section joined by the Eccleshall Road .Developers in Walton have cleverly not included the HS2 line or RailHead Compound on any of their maps, of course if they did who would want to buy a house with High Speed trains thundering by every hour! . The disruption to our town will be immense. Work throughout the night will cause noise, dust, light pollution and even vibration will be suffered by some residents. Now is the time to put your objections as we only have until November 7th when the consultation closes. Either write to FREEPOST DESIGN REFINEMENT 2A ( no stamp is needed) or go online to respond to HS2 will have no benefit to us in Stone as the nearest place planned for a stop is Crewe. Why then should we have it built in our town when Crewe have quite simply said NO. We say NO! The effect it will have on wildlife and the environment will be catastrophic. It has already cost billions and cost is escalating every day. Jill Hood

  4. I believe a depot is required – you can’t argue that. From my perspective (living in yarnfield) the lane is already unsafe now with the volume of traffic, tight bends and no where for pedestrians (especially the canes since the new housing developments at the BT centre. I would suggest the best position would be on Eccleshall road close to the services and already a better transport link.

    After all Yarnfield lane isn’t suitable for heavy loaders and the roundabout in stone is more effective than the turning into at at the side of the wayfairer which Is a nightmare now……

  5. So back from the consultation. Yarnfield Lane closed for at least 3 years and up to 7 years. A full railhead with 6 trains an hour, 24 hours a day for 7 years. After that a permanent rail depot and maintenance centre, all because Crewe is a little too inconvenient now. While the route has been known for some years this is a massive change.

  6. Clearly most of the respondents so far don’t live anywhere near the priposed site. It would be a disaster for Yarnfield. Lets be clear, this should have been sited near Crewe (the rail city) who blocked it. This will bring no benefit at all to the local area and must be stopped. I wish I could say the same about the colossal waste of money that HS2 is.

  7. My partner and I live in Yarnfield this sounds like it could be absolutely disastrous!
    I can’t see how this can make life any better for the residents of Stone.
    I fell in love with Stone because it was a little slice of heaven, quiet and very picturesque; if this were to go ahead it would take both of those factors away.
    Never mind the traffic implications, rush hour in Stone is manic as it is due to being a small area but heaving with people eagerly making there way to work this could cause serious issues!

    1. The route for phase 2 in stone has been know about for a yew years now, If you look at rthe document you will see that the traffic implications should be low at the depto could have a connection to the M6

  8. The recnet Norton Bridge rail head appeared to work well, so I think this is a good idea. The movement of vast amounts of materials would be kept off the roads.

  9. I don’t see how detailed plans for a construction railhead and permanent maintenance facilities be open for consultation, which close in 4 weeks, when the proposed route has not yet been laid before the Houses of Parliament.

    This smacks of a ‘done deal’ and the consultation process is merely lip service to enable the plans to be bulldozed through.

    This will be of little benefit to Stone and the surrounding area, and will only lead to an increase in local disruption and environmental vandalism.

  10. Having worked on one of these maintenance facilities in derby, millers construction will be the main contractors who will send the jobs out nationwide for tender. You might get a couple of local labourers. Afterwards it’d be national rail who will bring in there own blokes you may again get a one or two local apprentices. Making those who work at the depot, will be coming from out of the area. Meaning more traffic on our roads without local benefit. National rail work shift patterns meaning noise pollution will be round the clock

    1. Millers is just one of the construction firms and i don’t think they anything to do with HS and Network rail are not running HS rail that HS2 ltd.

  11. I favour the siting of HS2 repair facilities near Stone for the benefit and interest it will afford the town. I am sure we can live with temporary traffic and noise chaos if we focus on the long term gain.

  12. I believe this will be good for stone and the full maintenance depot with bring jobs to the area. Please remember that HS CC trains will connect to Stafford.

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