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Review: Wetherspoon Order and Pay App

Having recently spotted the large sign in The Poste of Stone we decided to give the new Order and Pay app a spin!

This evening my wife had an appointment so I decided to take our 2 young boys for something to eat.

Anyone with small children will know the difficulty of eating out with regard to finding a table, placing an order, carrying drinks etc.  When it’s 2 children vs 1 adult things step up another notch!

The idea of this review was to see how long it would take to download the app, find my way around it, order food and drinks and then see how long it would take to arrive on the table.

5:53 – We’re sat at the table and I was connected to the Wetherspoon’s wifi.

First task was to find the app on the Apple Apps Store, the android app is coming soon.

Wetherspoons Order and Pay

Once the app was installed the app initialises and takes you to a pub finder to select the establishment that you’re in.

Next you’re presented with the various menus available, including the special themed menus for the day of the week

After going in to the relevant menu you will need to select your table and then start adding items to your order.

When you’re all done hit that Confirm Order button and any promotions will be applied to your order. You’re then taken to create an account and then on to paying via paypal.

Once paid you receive a confirmation of your payment and the My Orders summary shows back what you’ve ordered.

As you can see from the time on each screen shot it took me 5 minutes from sitting down to completing my order (including grabbing the various screen shots).  Now with the app installed and the accounts created I expect that the whole process will take no more than a couple of minutes.

For reference our drinks were delivered to our table at 18:02 and then our food arrived at 18:08


The app performed flawlessly and the whole order process was flawless.  The time for drinks and food to be delivered to our table was well within our expectations and two happy children is priceless!

The only downside is the lack of an android app at the moment, it’s “coming soon” so hopefully it won’t be too long!


Following a reader comment I investigated whether you could amend your order to swap chips for a jacket potato, I can confirm that you can’t.
Hopefully a subsequent release will allow this functionality but for now you need to be mindful that if you chop and change your order you’ll struggle with the app.

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Overall Score

A slick iOS app and impressive service. I'd like to see them release the android app and the app is calling it to allow you to swap things like chips for a jacket.

User Rating: 2.98 ( 2 votes)

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