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Stone rescue centre searching for new foster homes

Pet Welfare, Stone’s local dog rescue, are looking for people to help out with fostering while the dogs wait for their forever homes.

Since 1995, Pet Welfare have been rescuing dogs throughout Staffordshire, and working to rehabilitate and re-home them. They are a non-profit making and self-funded organisation who operate a non-destruct policy, unlike many of the large national rescue organisations will kill dogs that have a history of behavioural issues or are old or ill.

Adam Dunn, a Canine Behaviourist and Psychologist, and a member of the team at Pet Welfare, says;

“We believe that every dog has the right to live a pain free, enriching and fulfilling life, after all the majority of the behavioural issues we see are directly contributed to how humans have treated them. We have had some great success stories in Stone including Duke the English Springer Spaniel, Teddy the Collie and Ted the Rottweiler. These dogs have been either fostered or adopted by dedicated and caring members of the local community, who have opened up their hearts and homes to these dogs.”

The team has bases in both Stafford and Stone, and a small team of foster carers to compliment them, but they need more volunteers to help them foster the dogs.

Why foster? The health benefits to caring for a dog may include reduction in blood pressure, increased fitness and overall health, improvement in emotional and anxiety conditions and dogs also open a whole new worldwide dog community.

All types of foster homes are needed, including those with children. Pet Welfare will support you throughout the whole process, and all dogs will will be matched to your home and lifestyle. If long term fostering isn’t for you, then emergency short term fostering which could be anything from 24 to 48 hours would also help.

If you’re interested in fostering or would like more information, then please contact them via their  website at or visit our Facebook page at Petwelfare Stafford, and you can also call them for chat on 01785 665888.

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