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New Stone bus trial, routes, times and fare details revealed

Stone BusStone Town Council has today revealed the specific details of the replacement local bus services that were lost at the end of July

The Council are sponsoring a three month trial of four, once a week services between Stone town centre and each of the Aston Lodge, Stonefield, Walton and Cherryfields areas.

The bus routes will be (all times are approximate):

Day: Tuesday Stone Route: 2 – Stonefield  
Departure Time Bus Stop Return Time
10:00 Oulton Wheatsheaf 13:00
10:05 Princes Street / Queens Street 12:53
10:08 The Pheasant Inn 12:50
10:11 Mount Road / Mount Avenue 12:48
10:13 End of Mount Crescent 12:45
10:25 Crown Street 12:30
10:30 Granville Square 12:35


Day: Tuesday Stone Route: 4 – Cherryfields  
Departure Time Bus Stop Return Time
10:45 Valley Road (Opposite Bloomfield Close) 14:05
10:49 Redwood Avenue (Opposite Cedars Drive) 14:01
10:52 Redwood Avenue / The Willows 13:58
10:55 Valley Road / Greenway Avenue 13:55
10:58 Valley Road / Ashdale Close 13:52
11:05 Stafford Road (Opposite Walton Grange) 13:45
11:15 Crown Street 13:20
11:20 Granville Square 13:25


Day: Friday Stone Route: 1 – Aston Lodge  
Departure Time Bus Stop Return Time
10:00 Opposite Ullswater Drive 13:00
10:03 Springwood Drive 12:57
10:10 Fairway Service Station Lichfield Road 12:50
10:12 Lichfield Road (Opp. St. Michaels Mount) 12:48
10:15 Priory Road, Jervis Road 12:45
10:18 Priory Road (Opposite Elm Road) 12:42
10:25 Crown Street 12:30
10:30 Granville Square 12:35


Day: Friday Stone Route: 3 – Walton  
Departure Time Bus Stop Return Time
10:45 Whitemill Lane, by St. Vincent Road 13:50
10:49 Walton Way 13:46
10:51 Meadow Way 13:45
10:52 Opposite Stuart North Close 13:44
10:54 Post Box on the corner of Meadow Way 13:42
10:58 Opposite Stuart Close 13:38
11:02 Redfern Drive 13:34
11:04 School on Beacon Rise 13:32
11:10 Opposite shops on Eccleshall Road 13:25
11:15 Crown Street 13:20
11:20 Granville Square 13:25

The services are planned to start on Friday 19th October (Aston Lodge and Walton) and Tuesday 23rd October (Stonefield and Cherryfields) 2018. All timings are approximate.

The services will be operated in conjunction with Community Link Stafford & District. Bus passengers will need to become members of the organisation BEFORE they can travel, for which Community Link charge £7 per year. Applications forms for membership are available from the Town Council and will need to be sent back to Community Link in good time for them to be able to return membership cards.

Stone Bus Service Frequently Asked Questions:

What services are being operated?
One service per week is being operated from each of the Cherryfields, Stonefield, Walton and Aston
Lodge areas. Details of timings and stops are attached.

Who is operating the service?
The service has been organised and paid for by Stone Town Council. It is operated by Community
Link Stafford and District, who are an experienced community transport provider. Buses will be able
to be recognised by distinctive signs containing the logos of both organisations.

How much will it cost to travel on the service?
The service will cost £2.00 per single journey, which will be collected by the driver when you board
the bus. Concessionary passes will not be accepted. Children under 16 will not be charged.

Who will be able to travel on the service?
The service will be open to anyone aged 16+ who are members of Community Link, plus children
under 16 who are accompanied by a member. No-one without a membership card will be permitted
to travel unless they are a child accompanied by a member.

How do I become a member of Community Link?
Membership will cost £7.00 per full or part year, and a passport photo will need to be provided.
Application forms are available from the Town Council or Community Link, and should be
returned directly to Community Link at the address on the form. Please note that you will be unable
to use the service until you have a valid membership card.

I use a wheelchair, will I be able to take advantage of the service?
Yes, but you will need to contact Community Link on 01785 252050 by the day prior to the service
operating to ensure that they use a suitably adapted bus. Only one wheelchair can be
accommodated per bus, the space for which will be reserved on a “first come, first served basis”.
Unless they have been notified of the need to accommodate a wheelchair, Community Link will use
a non-adapted minibus, which cannot accommodate wheelchairs, as it will hold more passengers.

Can I reserve a seat on the bus?
Other than as provided above for wheelchair users, use of the service will be on a “first come, first
served” basis. This will be reviewed by the Town Council if the service is regularly oversubscribed.

What will happen after the three month trial period?
This depends on the usage of the service within the trial. If the service is well used, then the Council will
continue to fund it into the future. Some or all of the service may be withdrawn or re-arranged after
the trial if it is less well used.

About the new bus service Councillor Rob Kenney, Chairman of the Council’s General Purposes Committee said:

“I’m pleased to be able to confirm that service details have now been finalised. I would encourage travellers to return their application forms to Community Link as soon as possible so that they can take full advantage of the service during the trial period.”



  1. Although the bus service is welcome, 2 hours is not very long, it would not be enough time to go for a coffee or a bite to eat, just enough time to go to Morrison’s and then go back.

  2. I very much welcome the bus service, limited though it is and fully intend to use it, BUT I need a passport photo to get a ticket to do so and now the Coop is shut, I will need to go into Stafford to get one!!!!

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