Care home plans withdrawn due to gas pipeline

LNT Care Developments in Leeds have withdrawn their plans to develop land off Lichfield Road into a 64 bedroom care home.

The proposed 2 storey development of the site on the southern edge of Stone, bounded by the A51, Lichfield Road and the small road which links the two has been back and forth through the planning process but was officially withdrawn yesterday.

LNT Construction Planing Manager Jo Sutcliffe confirmed to Stafford Borough Council:

“It is with regret that we have no option but to withdraw the application for the care home on Lichfield Road.

Unfortunately the high pressure gas pipeline which crosses the site means it is not suitable for a care home development and the cost of diverting the pipeline would render the project unviable.”

The care home would have provided sixty-four beds and employment opportunities for 40+ roles.

Further information on the planning application can be found on our original article from March 2018 – 64 bed care home planning application submitted


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