Guest post: World Mental Health Day 2013

Today is World Mental Health Day. Carly Spicer from Stone, who is training to be a clinical psychologist, has written this guest post for the site…

Stressed? Worried? Anxious? Trouble sleeping? Low? Panic attacks? Depressed? Confused about your emotions?

Whatever you call it, if you or someone you are close to is experiencing emotional difficulties right now, then why not take some action to improve your own or someone’s else’s mental health?

Today is World Mental Health Day. The focus is older adults, a group that is less likely to ask for help for mental health problems. If you have an elderly relative or friend who you think might be having emotional difficulties take a moment to ask them, genuinely, “How are you feeling?” and listen carefully to their answer….

All over the world people experience mental health difficulties but because of the stigma and embarrassment involved in seeking help people hide away, put on a mask and try to block it out. As a result it can often increase and impact on other life areas (like sleeping, relationships, employment) or trigger other problems (like physical health problems, increased alcohol or drug use).

Think ‘dental health, mental health’ – we spend a few minutes brushing our teeth every day to keep them healthy. Let’s do the same for our minds – spend a few minutes every day and think about how you’re feeling. Are you taking time out to relax? Are you dealing with stressful problems or allowing them to escalate by burying your head in the sand?

Your mental health is IMPORTANT. You are not weak if you seek help, it is a brave thing to do and you will be stronger as a consequence.

Use the links below to find out more, ring one of the helpline numbers or talk to your GP. Be brave. – helpline 0808 800 2234

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  1. Thanks for putting this on 🙂 Would love to take credit for the dental health phrase but it was an old lecturer and I can’t remember who!!!

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