The Maltings to go up for auction

The Maltings
The historic building has failed to sell on the open market

The Maltings, one of Stone’s most historic buildings will be going up for auction on 18th January after failing to secure a buyer on the open market over the last couple of years.

The former Joule’s Brewery malthouse has planning permission to convert it into two ground-floor retail units and three apartments.

The Maltings, on Crown Street and alongside Adie’s Alley, is thought to have been built in 1780 and was a malthouse for Joules’s brewery in the town until 1908. The Grade II listed building has been owned since 1963 by Stone Ford car dealers Hill and Swift and they received planning permission in February 2013 before putting the building on the market.

The building will now go up for auction with Butters John Bee on Monday 18th January with a reserve of £59,000.

You can still see evidence of the building’s brewing past from Adie’s Alley. The wooden slatted shutters on the ground floor would have been used to increase or decrease ventilation into the growing floor. A wooden door on the first floor would have been used to unload barley into the first-floor barley store from carts in Adie’s Alley. The malthouse’s kiln survives, as does the drying floor on the second floor that is considered extremely rare. The plans for the building would create a display area to show off the kiln.

The Maltings
A glimpse inside The Maltings

The building went out of use as a malthouse in 1908 and was sold to Shortall Bros, corn merchants, in 1918 and was used as a grain store. During the Second World War it had its capacity increased for wartime grain storage. Hill and Swift bought the building in 1963, using the ground floor to store and service cars. It has been out of use now for many years.

The Maltings were on the brink of being demolished when English Heritage granted listed status in the 1990s.

The renovation plans were drawn up by Stafford’s Croft Architects. Carl Croft told us back in December 2012: ““Adie’s Alley is an important site, connecting Stone High Street with the rear of the town centre. The significance of the site was highlighted in the Stone Market Town Initiative Study, by Stafford Borough Council which talked about the importance of a gateway into the town centre from the Trent and Mersey Canal.

“Currently it is visually uninspiring but we believe these plans will open up the town centre and take away the barrier between the town centre and the attractive canalside area near to the Star Lock.”

You can read more about the history of Adie’s Alley HERE and find out who ‘Adie’ was!


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  1. With a reserve of just under £60,000 its tempting to the untrained eye but im sure theres lots of work needed. Why the current owners have allowed it to fall into such a state is terrible.

    If i recall it failed to reach its £85,000 reserve last time it went to auction and was then listed on the open market for roughly £180,000.

    Strange or greedy?

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