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Council looking for town centre ideas

High StreetStone Town Council has called a special General Purpose Committee meeting for Thursday 30th March to discuss issues in Stone town centre

The meeting is being held from 7pm at the Christ Church Centre and will include representations from the town’s traders and A Little Bit of Stone have also asked to be able to speak at the meeting.  Members of the public are also able to ask questions but you will need to contact the town council as soon as possible to seek permission to speak, call 01785 619740.

The High Street continues to be a hot topic on our website with the articles we’ve posted covering new shops opening to those that have closed down or moved on.  There’s lots of new developments happening, or proposed, around the town, from Crown Wharf ,the new M&S and plans for Stone Leisure Centre.

We have composed the below survey to try and gain your feedback on what you love about the high street but also what you would like to change.  Let us have your feedback, we’d genuinely love to hear it.



  1. A very interesting discussion here. Paul is right to involve the County Council. As Stone’s County Councillor, last November I asked officers at the County Council to work out a “Town Deal” with Stafford Borough Council and funding agencies .

    Detailed work is continuing but the conclusion emerging is pretty much on the lines suggested by Mandy Tams. Stone should be a Destination Town, akin to say Ludlow or Bakewell. There will have to be a major marketing push but funds could be made available. When the work is done it will be up for consultation with the public, traders and all interested parties. So, much work is going on but behind the scenes at the moment

  2. Stone is a beautiful town and being a canal town already adds interest, open it up for tourism, open the catacombs under the town, the entrance I believe is in the coop, have a tourist shop combine the history of the town and make it worth visiting we are so close to other large concerns, Trentham, Alton Towers, make Stone a hub to stop in and visit from here. We already have a dearth of cafe’s.

  3. Why on earth is the siting of a Marks& Spencer outlet on Westbridge Park even being considered? Especially now that there are suitable premises about to become available IN the High Street. I cannot imagine the Co-op premises needing a great deal of modification to suit their needs. Plus, even to my simple mind, it has to be cheaper than a ‘new build’ !
    I have no idea if it is already a ‘done deal’ for Westbridge Park. Regardless of the sweeteners, new sports centre etc. I think it will ultimately prove,sadly,to be yet another nail in the Stone coffin.

  4. Stone town is at a very dangerous junction, the major players are fast leaving town and I as well as other acknowledge this situation. However the question now is what happens next? If the town council and planner choose the wrong turning Stone becomes the old market town with little but charity shops and cafes. The small independents and local shops must be very worried about the future. I Do hope that somebody has some answers rather than, just accepting that this is how it is. Could the Co-op have been persuaded to stay or some of the others.. Is national government or our local MP interested ? Can we access funds from central government, county council or the property developers that own most of the high street help? The high street need support, not more out of town shops to drag the footfall away from the exeisiting town centre ?

  5. The biggest ossicle disaster for businesses,elderly people and anyone who values human contact rather then a screen.

  6. Our lovely little town is fast becoming a ghost town.like the previous man said where can you go with your dog?lots of cafe s will let you take a well behaved dog in,we go to the lakes ever year and most of the cafe s allow one to take your dog in,why doesn’t stone get up to date this health and safety is getting out of hand !!
    What we need in the town are shops like pound land,pound stretcher ,and the like that will bring people in to shop and maybe sit outside during the good weather for a drink and a bite to eat there are enough cafe s In stone to accommodate this.as for the bank closures this is a disgrace.also where

    will the post office be located when the coop . closes?could not one of the many empty shops take on the post office?

  7. I bring my dogs with me into Stone, but none of the cafes let dogs in, so unless it’s very warm and sunny I end up in Newcastle, Leek or Trentham where there are dog friendly cafes.
    I have asked about it and the staff say “it’s health and safety” which is nonsense.
    Leek even have “dog friendly” stickers on the doors, so Stone cafes are actively discouraging trade.

  8. Things started to go downhill when the council decided to do the fashionable thing and to have a “pedestrianised area” like other fashionable towns.
    Stone is classic example of how to kill off a town centre. No through traffic and yellow lines everywhere!
    Towns like Eccelshall have survived because it’s possible to park in the high street and through traffic is able to see the shops on offer.
    I propose a one way system through the high street in Stone with traffic calming and free side of the road parking for 30 minutes. Many people who circumnavigate Stone on its ring road don’t even know that there is a High Street!
    Ok it will take a few years to rekindle interest in the High Street but maybe planners should have thought about this a little longer in the first place..

    1. Couldn’t agree more…the ring road is a disaster……poor planning….if Morrisons had been on the town side instead of being cut off by it the town would flourish….now Stafford Planning authority plan to do the same thing withtheM&S …. Shop and car park not on the High Street or near anything else…people will drive in use the shop and leave…old not be worse for the Town

  9. Where will the Traders Bank. Is this thev forerunner of other Banksclosing in Stone/ Ceadle is also going to lose its Natwest Branch. wHO WANTS TO GO TO HANLEY, LONGTON OR STAFFORD TO BANK? NOT ALL TRANSACTIONS CAN BE DONE ON LINE

  10. This is the bank I use both personally and for business and again there won’t be anywhere to pay cheques in as the Post is not likely to be around either – very sad! Please save our town Stone Town Council otherwise people will be moving away!!

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