We Could be Disappearing off Facebook

disappear“With great power comes great responsibility” and Facebook is about to unleash it

Over the next few weeks you may see less and less of our content on your Facebook news feed. This isn’t because of something that A Little Bit of Stone (ALBOS) has done, it’s because of a Facebook algorithm change (the bit that decides what you see).
Facebook has decided to change how your news feed works, making posts from businesses, brands and media less prominent.
 “We’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content – posts from businesses, brands and media – is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other,” – says Mr Zuckerberg.
He went on to explain that he and his team felt a responsibility to make sure Facebook was good for people’s wellbeing.
There may be an olive branch from Facebook for ALBOS in terms of our content, if users interact with our posts by sharing, liking and commenting then this shows a good level of engagement which Facebook sees as a positive indicator of our content.
 If you’re not seeing our posts in your feed then make sure that you’re following our page and visit the Facebook Page , and our Website, to make sure that you’re not missing out on anything!

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