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Retail Shops and Housing Development Proposed

lichfield road development
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An outline planning application has been submitted for housing and retail on land off Lichfield Road

Earlier this month an outline planning application was submitted to Stafford Borough Council. The application is seeking planning permission for a mix of housing and 5 retail units.
The application has been submitted by WW Planning on behalf of Chris Jarram Developments Ltd.
The land in question is situated to the north of the F Watson & Sons scrap metal yard. The site wraps around the back of plum tree cottage and the Smarty’s day nursery with the plan incorporating the lay-by and surrounding land towards the train tracks. As noted in the application the site is outside of Stone’s settlement boundary to the east.
Lichfield Road Development
The supporting documentation for the plan is made up of differing property numbers however the application itself states 29 residential properties for the development. There currently aren’t any further details provided on the type of dwellings that are proposed.
The retail development will include 31 car parking spaces including 3 accessible and 4 parent and child spaces.
The retail units are made up of one 418.1 sq.m unit and four 92.9 sq.m units making a total of 5.
The larger retail unit has been designated as a small convenience store whilst the 4 smaller units are being proposed for classes A1/A2/A3/A5 and D1. The supporting retail assessment states:
“It is anticipated that these smaller units will be occupied by a range of uses which may include cafes, hot food takeaways (providing a grab and go offer along Lichfield Road), services such as hair salons, dentist, veterinary practice and other similar operator “
The proposal states that the development could yield 15 full time and 20 part time jobs across the retail units.
Full details of the plan can be found on the Stafford Borough Council planning portal 
What is an outline planning application? An Outline Planning application is generally used to find out, at an early stage, whether or not a proposal is likely to be approved by the planning authority, before any substantial costs are incurred. This type of planning application allows fewer details about the proposal to be submitted.


  1. That’s going to really help Stone High Street! If anything should be built there it should be a walk in medical Centre to ease the pressure on the two doctor’s surgeries. That would be sensible and practical. Instead we will probably get hairdressers, really? How many hairdressers does one town need? Vets- we have two already. Fast food outlets- we have more than enough. Oh and more houses! That means even worse traffic there at peak times. It’s not about what people want or need though sadly, it’s all about greed. We only live there. What do we know or care about?!

  2. Looking at the plans the houses don’t have drives. The parking areas shown will be fun for the home owners. As for the shops, they’ll just cause further traffic congestion at an already bad junction and as others have said we need shops in the town centre not here .

  3. So one of the worst junctions for RTC’s on the A51 outside Stone and they are going to put more hazards there!!
    Why ?
    Why not fill the High Street empty spaces 1st of all . Makes no sense whatsoever. When are the Stone Councillors going to say no to Staffords planners

    1. Could not agree more the shops in the high street that are empty is criminal let’s get people into our high street for shopping not just for the farmers market and special events. Our town is dying ….

  4. I am absolutely amazed that the council would consider retail units, when stone and the high street is struggling terribly. Housing would be a much better idea

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