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Stone High Street to be enclosed by radical roof

A radical planning proposal has been put forward to cover Stone High Street with a glass roof

A consortium of local Stone businesses has put together a plan to bring something unique to the town, a Polar Foil glass roof that runs the length of the High Street.

The proposal is for a £3.2m waveform shaped steel and glass roof that will span the width of the High Street, including the Market Square. The all year round roof will ensure that markets and evening events could take place, regardless of what mother nature throws at the town.

The steel superstructure will house a state of the art climate control heating and cooling system as well as a multicoloured LED lighting system. This technology will allow for the creation of some dynamic environments for particular events. A warm Christmas lights switch on, or a fresh breeze for a Soapbox derby are already ideas on the table.

Funding for the project is expected to come from a tie-in with Flair Polo, the first tenants on the newly built Meaford Business Park.

Toby Lerone, who runs a bath and toilet mat stall at the weekly market said:

“We travel to many towns in the Midlands and the inclusion of a Polar Foil roof would really set Stone as THE market town in the region.

“With a limited market window having a guaranteed climate will ensure that we can continue to serve the good people of Stone with the best quality mat products at the best prices.”

Walton resident Chris Peah said:

“Having been attacked by an angry pigeon I’m all for the inclusion of a roof over the High Street.

“I regularly enjoy a coffee and oatcake outside The Lounge but sometimes it can feel cold when in the shade.

“The new heat and light options should allow for a Mediterranean vibe on the High Street all year round.”

Speaking on behalf of the council Ray Vaughan said:

“We’re really excited about the bones of what’s been proposed here. There’s some work to do on logistics but we think the roof could transform Stone, just as it did when it was introduced at Wimbledon.

“The newly created space could be used for all manner of events in Stone and we look forward to putting our support behind the plan.

“Stone has a great range of independent shops, bars and places to eat. This new roof could really be the springboard for the next 20 years of the High Street.”

What are your thoughts on covering the High Street with a Polar Foil roof?



  1. Why do they not consider inclusion of thin film solar into the glass to provide solar energy to shops and business’s, market stalls, etc?

  2. Personally I’d rather they spent the money doing something about the traffic flow. Introduce something that stops half of stoke on Trent cutting through our town on the way to the M6.

  3. Great idea but what about better road infrastructure in preparation for all the new housing? I suspect this will be a big afterthought!

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