Just Carla brings real clothes, for real women, to Stone

Just CarlaLong time Stone resident Carla Hill is making the leap from Longton market to the former Snooty Madam shop in Granville Square

Carla currently runs two stalls at Longton market, one is a 35-year-old family owned business selling greeting cards and the second is a clothing store that was set up two years ago.
We asked Carla about making the leap from a market stall to a permanent brick and mortar shop, she said:
“It was always my intention to open a shop in my hometown of Stone, however, I wasn’t prepared to jump straight into a long lease.
I’ve spent the past 2 years at Longton market running a stall called LadiesTrueBeauuty to learn the trade and build a customer base.
In this time I’ve learnt what people are looking for and I’ve refined my purchasing to deliver affordable quality clothing to my customers.”
Carla went on to add:
“I’ve always loved the shops in Granville Square as I think think they offer the perfect balance of size but with a great window that I can dress for eye-catching displays. When I heard that Snooty Madam was closing down I knew that it was time for me to take the next bold step for my business.”
Just Carla will be the name of the new shop and Carla explained what she’ll be offering her existing and new customers:
“I have a real attention to detail and so I handpick and aim to check the fit and quality of everything before it goes into my shop! Our entire clothing range is one-size but I personally make sure we have a broad range of clothing to fit all sizes shapes and ages.
“I am very hands-on and offer a personal advice service with regards to shape, quality and colour. This has enabled me to build up a fantastic trust with my customers and I’m looking to extend that to my new customers in Stone.”
With a number of ladies clothing retailers Carla went on to explain how she stocks the shop:
“I have new stock in all the times as I don’t buy for an entire season before seeing how the weather and styles unfold.  I buy stock weekly according to weather and customer demand so there’s always something new in stock.
“I am particularly proud that we cater for the plus size ladies, with some of our range suitable for up to size 24.”
Just Carla will be opening at the end of April, once work has been completed on the interior of the shop.
The plan is for the shop to be initially open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm but this may change!
A launch event will take place where ladies will be invited along to see what’s on offer whilst also showcasing other ladies that Carla knows who offer interiors, tarot cards, makeup displays and much more.
To keep up to date on the launch follow Carla’s current Facebook page at ladiestruebeauty.


  1. Is Stone ready for such a shop?

    Each garment in one size?

    Tarot cards? Next we will have spoon bending!

    You my wife now.

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