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Stone Guides Camp Out at Kibblestone

Kibblestone Scout Camp, in Oulton, Stone, played host to the Guides from Stone Outward Division for a weekend of fun, adventure and learning.

In line with the theme of the weekend; Traditions of Guiding, the girls learnt semaphore, pioneering, tracking and heaps more! Guide Units from Aston, Barlaston, Oulton, Tittensor and Yarnfield attended the camp. Barb was amazing in the kitchen as usual, breakfast being a favourite. Friday night there was excitement around the camp site playing the wide game, and songs around the campfire on Saturday night. Gifts were presented to Judith and Jenny for all their hard work in the guiding community.

The guides were split into five patrols; Clove Hitch, Bowline, Sheepshank , Reef Knot , and Sheet Bend, named after knots, and the young leaders and adults also had group names which were Granny Knots and Alpine Butterfly.

Not only did the guides and leaders get to enjoy the camp, the Trefoil came down on the Saturday to help make lunch, and few stayed to help create craft. Some stayed to watch the girls having so much fun and trying new things and offering all moral support.

Volunteering as an adult with Girlguiding offers a whole world of opportunities and a sense of worth. This can be anything from doing fun activities within the unit to leading international trips, which can help gain valuable workplace skills and the possibilities are endless. So, if you would like to know more about how to join in the fun that Girlguiding offers adult volunteers, please visit our website  or alternatively contact

The Guides would like to thank everyone who came or supported the weekend and look forward to the next one.

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